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MASTERS Dec 21/22/23/24-26/27/28/29/30/31

GREETINGS , A quick reminder if you haven't all ready  PLEASE get ALAN $25 for the necessary repairs that were made to our MASTERS timing display! Thanks Alan!!

DEC 26 SL drill and full gates / Dec 27 SL drill and full gates / Dec 28 SL drills and full gates DEC 29 GS drills and full gates Dec 30 GS drills and full gates  DEC 31 GS drill and full gates    JANUARY 1 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR ( no program )    EACH DAY WE WILL HAVE GATES AM + PM 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be doing Video + Timing. Please make sure your skis are sharp and waxed so you can make the most out of each secession! Check your skis it could be time for a base grind to flatten the bases so you are able to attain a sharp side edge! AS ALWAYS PLESE CHECK WITH US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS .  One last reminder when we are training GS you need GS SKIS  you also MUST have a full helmet (hard sided around ears) these are the FIS and USS rules we need to follow in our club !


U19 Weekend Plans 12/21-12/24
SWSC Freestyle B: Here Come The Holidays!


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Monday, 18 November 2019

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