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REMINDER  Everyone made EXCELLENT progress this past week!  We encourage you to make these 3 key drills we did part of your daily warmup routine each day! Steve, Tom and I were very pleased with your progress, these drills are reenforcing correct body position, stance and balance over the skis, they should also be done as you ski down to the training courses as much as possible!!! We think this is a critical part of your training. If you calculate the actual time (or lack there of ) that your skis are actually on the snow sliding /turning minus the time spent in the lift line on the lift waiting at the top of the training course you will be amazed!!!!   

1/4-  Friday     GS free ski AM / PM gates    
1/5-  Saturday GS drill courses and full gates AM+PM    
1/6-  Sunday   GS gates and drill courses 





New Year - January 2019
U12 Plan 1/4-6/2019


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Monday, 18 November 2019

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