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Ages 19+

The Masters Racing program is for the Master racer who wants to continue their ski training and racing in a weekend adult program. Some of the participants compete in the New England Masters race series, while others just love to ski fast and train lots of gates. The training on varied terrain with dedicated program coaches will give an advantage to the master aged athlete who wants to continue to develop their technical and tactical skills. Typical equipment needs include: FIS approved GS Helmet (no GS ‘soft ears’), a GS suit, slalom protection gear, a back protector, and properly sized SL and GS skis. Participants are encouraged to become members of the United States Ski Association (USSA).

Requirements: USSA Masters Membership, FIS Approved GS Helmet (no ‘soft ears’)
Times: 8:30am to 2:30pm (Lunch Break 11:30am to 12:30pm)

The Master-Racing program also offers a Friday-Sunday (Masters + Friday) program for those Masters racers looking for more skiing and training. The Friday program runs from 9:00am-2:30pm on all non-holidays.
MASTERS 101 - M1

The Masters-M1 program is for the newer Master skier or racer who wants to improve their skiing skills, train in entry-level courses, and enjoy skiing Stratton with a like-minded group of adults. Participants will work on their skiing and training skills in a relaxed atmosphere and may join in with the Masters-Racing program once they are ready. Dedicated coaches will teach and guide the group through GS and SL skills, as well as free skiing fundamentals. This is a program for those looking to learn and have a fun time in the process. This is a morning program that runs from 8:30am - 11:30am.

Requirements: Helmet
Times: 8:30am to 11:30am

Masters-JAN 18-19-20-21

Again we are very pleased with your progress ! We encourage you to continue with the essential warm-up drills as part of your daily routine , these drills along with your focused hard work are helping everyone to make progress  .    This is the plan    FRIDAY  bring SG skis as well as GS skis if the weather is on our side we will train SG   /  Saturday  GS  / Sunday  GS  / MLK day SL   HAVE YOUR POWDER SKIS READY SUNDAY AND MONDAY !! (if its to soft to train )    



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A few thoughts for all racers...

Bacon’s (Bob) Theory of Relativity:


When it comes to measuring your performance at a ski race everything is relative. Amy Morin* says “Mentally Strong People Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control”.


How does this apply to your ski racing performance?


You can’t control who shows up at a race and how they perform that day. You (or your parents) have decided that you will be racing in Vermont, one of the most competitive places to ski race in US. In fact, I am 99% sure that some of the people (maybe you) who raced this past weekend will end up skiing for a national team. Vermont has good skiers and how you place at a ski race is relative to who you are racing.


How you did at a ski race is up to you to decide. Was your second run place better than your first? Did you move your race line higher like you have been working on? Did you achieve your personal objectives?


Even though Makaila Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher seem to be winning all the time, there are a lot of really talented people training and working hard to help them win less often. These are World Cup skiers, who aren’t giving up, they are motivated and working harder.


How will you measure yourself when you race?


 *13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin


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MASTERS JAN . 11-12-13

WOW!! What a great party celebrating our 20th year as the Stratton Masters !!!! Amazing to think that we have gone from 4 MASTERS to almost 50 !!!  A very big THANK YOU to Tom Mann for putting the details together !   PLEASE if you have not done so all ready send Tom Mann a check for the party  his address is Tom Mann PO BOX 397 Bondville Vt 05340 .   Also if not done all ready please give Alan $ 20 for the repairs that were made to our Masters timing display board .  Alan kindly put up the $700 + to have the repairs done THANK YOU !   This will be the plan for the weekend .

Friday  GS gates ( not sure if am or pm so be ready )

Saturday  SL gates + drills  bring guards 

Sunday  SL gates + drills bring guards      DIRECTIONS FOR GETTING ON TO SPRONGO  

# 1 GO to Sprongo.com 

#2 if you have not used Sprongo before sign up with a user name and password 

#3 If you have used Sprongo before- sign in 

#4 Search for your team : Enter (Stratton Winter Sports Club) do not shortcut the entry name 

#5 When Stratton Winter Sports Club comes up you will see a list of the Age Groups. Scroll down and "click" on Masters 

#6 The Masters main screen will appear "Click" on the button that says "Join"

#7 Sprongo will then direct your request to Dave Edry or Steve and it will be approved 

#8 You are then able to view all the videos from this year and last !

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REMINDER  Everyone made EXCELLENT progress this past week!  We encourage you to make these 3 key drills we did part of your daily warmup routine each day! Steve, Tom and I were very pleased with your progress, these drills are reenforcing correct body position, stance and balance over the skis, they should also be done as you ski down to the training courses as much as possible!!! We think this is a critical part of your training. If you calculate the actual time (or lack there of ) that your skis are actually on the snow sliding /turning minus the time spent in the lift line on the lift waiting at the top of the training course you will be amazed!!!!   

1/4-  Friday     GS free ski AM / PM gates    
1/5-  Saturday GS drill courses and full gates AM+PM    
1/6-  Sunday   GS gates and drill courses 





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MASTERS Dec 21/22/23/24-26/27/28/29/30/31

GREETINGS , A quick reminder if you haven't all ready  PLEASE get ALAN $25 for the necessary repairs that were made to our MASTERS timing display! Thanks Alan!!

DEC 26 SL drill and full gates / Dec 27 SL drill and full gates / Dec 28 SL drills and full gates DEC 29 GS drills and full gates Dec 30 GS drills and full gates  DEC 31 GS drill and full gates    JANUARY 1 2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR ( no program )    EACH DAY WE WILL HAVE GATES AM + PM 

PLEASE NOTE: We will be doing Video + Timing. Please make sure your skis are sharp and waxed so you can make the most out of each secession! Check your skis it could be time for a base grind to flatten the bases so you are able to attain a sharp side edge! AS ALWAYS PLESE CHECK WITH US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS .  One last reminder when we are training GS you need GS SKIS  you also MUST have a full helmet (hard sided around ears) these are the FIS and USS rules we need to follow in our club !


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