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Year of Birth 2007 & 2008

The U12 program is designed to continue development of the athletes’ basic skiing fundamentals through free skiing, drill work, drill courses, gate training, and an introduction to video analysis. Strong skiing skills are a prerequisite with an emphasis on the ability to carve. At this level, there is an increase in the teaching of race tactics and competition but basic skiing fundamentals and free skiing will continue to be the primary focus. The U12 age class will also be introduced to speed elements training. There are various Southern Vermont Council races scheduled for this age group that the athletes are expected to attend.

Typical equipment needs for this group include: Helmet (no ‘soft ears’), slalom protection gear, a GS suit, and properly sized current slalom and giant slalom skis. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) and US Ski & Snowboard.

Requirements: VARA Membership, US Ski & Snowboard, Helmet (no ‘soft ears’)

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm)

U12 Plan 12/21-12/23 2018

Hi Team!

We had a nice introduction to GS last weekend culminating in some great training.  As you all will recall, the surface was hard, and several of us had difficulty holding an edge due to dull skis.  Remember, it is important to come to each session with well tuned skis.  We understand that many U12s do not know how to tune their skis, and their tuning is done by a parent or a shop which is fine.  Please make sure that the kids show up with sharp skis.  We also encourage parents who tune their kids' skis to teach them the basics and have them help you with the tuning.  Everyone needs to learn and it is a nice way for a parent and child to bond.

We have been primarily focusing on athletic stance and balance adding edge angle and separation in both slalom and GS.  These are technical aspects of the sport on which we will be focusing all year.  We will add tactics to the mix in due course, but right now we need to focus on athleticism.  We need to become good skiers before we turn into good racers, so it is important to never waste a run; always be thinking and feeling your balance and making adjustments.


1) Have you joined USSA and VARA?  If not please do so ASAP. www.vara.org, www.ussa.org

2) Have you entered the Okemo open race on December 30th yet? If not please do so at www.adminskiracing.com.

3) Have you subscribed to this blog yet? Please do so and it will appear as an email in your inbox whenever one is posted.

The Friday through Sunday training is as follows:

Friday 12/21 U12s will be joining Jim's Holiday camp for GS training all day.

Saturday 12/22 Slalom skis, drills, drill courses, and sections AM and PM

Sunday 12/23 Slalom skis, Slalom training and Drill courses AM and PM

Monday 12/24 Slalom skis, Slalom training and Drill courses AM and PM

We're looking forward to seeing everyone.  Email us with any questions.

U12 Coaches



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U10 Plan-Dec. 14-16, 2018

Hello Everyone,

We had a productive weekend working on skill development through technical free skiing while having fun.  We will continue to do the same this weekend by exploring various turn shapes.  We will also begin to move the athletes into groups for the season.

Friday GS Training: 8:55 - 11:30am and 12:25 - 2:30pm. Please RSVP for Friday training through the RSVP FORM by Wednesday. U10 parents must check in with the coaches by 8:55am for the training plan. The Friday program is an independent offering and athletes participating must be able to ride the chairlift without a coach and may lap on their own.

Saturday and Sunday Training:  The athletes should meet in front of the Mountain Sports School by 8:25am and we will return to the same spot by 11:30am.  We will resume at 12:25pm and end at 3:00pm.

A Few Notes:

•       Please ensure that your athlete is dressed warmly and have hand warmers, (if necessary). Dressing in layers is the best way to keep the athletes warm.

•       In order to be in SWSC and for your son/ daughter to participate in the Southern Vermont Council (SVC) events, they must have:

1.    a US Ski & Snowboard Competition membership. US Ski & Snowboard

2.    a VARA Membership. VARA

•       It takes at least a week to process a USSA membership, so please do not wait until the day before a race to register. Our first Southern Vermont Council (SVC) competition is at Mount Snow on Sunday, January 6th.
*If your looking for more training opportunities, the Stratton Holiday GS Camp is a great option! 3 full days of GS on Dec. 19-21. This is the best camp for the kids to get ready for the first races and SWSC gets a discount! SWSC coaches will be working the camp. For information and registration, go to: www.uselitecamps.com 

See you at the mountain!


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U12 Plan-Dec. 14-16 2018

Hello U12 Families:

Last week we had a productive and fun long weekend working on skill development combining technical free skiing and drills.  Our focus was balanced/active skiing and an athletic stance.  The first two days we continued on our slalom skis and then we moved to GS skis for the first time on Sunday.  This weekend we will stay on our GS skis throughout and try to refine our balance in GS and also focus on angles and upper/lower body separation.
A few notes:
1) We meet in the morning at 8:25 AM and in the afternoon at 12:25 PM in front of the snow spots building with the goal of getting on the lift at 8:30 and 12:30. We then proceed to outside the mid-mountain lodge to break into our pods.  At mid-mountain, let's make it a point to congregate by the snow fence rather than in front of the ski racks or over by the gate shack. Please try to be on time.
2) Have you registered for the 12/30 Okemo Race yet?  If not, please do so at www.adminskiracing.com.  Any questions, please contact us.
3) Have you registered for USSA and VARA yet?  If not, please do so.  These registrations are mandatory in order to be able to enter any races.  www.ussa.org and www.vara.org.
4) If you're looking for MORE training opportunities, don't forget about the Holiday GS camp next week! Dec. 19-21 at Stratton. 3 days of GS training. SWSC athletes get a discount!! For details and to register, go to: www.uselitecamps.com
There are also the Stratton Mini Camp series. These are cooperative efforts by SWSC and SMS and provide a great opportunity to supplement the regular Friday through Sunday SWSC training. The next two sessions are on January 2nd and 3rd and January 7th and 8th. You can sign-up at Stratton Mini Camps.
The plan for the weekend is as follows:
Friday 12/14:     GS skis, technical drills and drill courses
Saturday 12/15: GS skis, technical drills
Sunday 12/16:   GS skis, technical drills and drill courses
We're looking forward to seeing you all for a great GS weekend. Remember, energy, effort, and focus are the keys to improving.
U12 Coaches
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U12 Plan-Dec. 7-9, 2018

Greetings SWSC U12s and parents!
This is the first of our weekly blogs in which we outline the plan for the plan for the upcoming weekend and also put for the reminders about items which need attention and also perhaps an occasional comment about goals and technique. Please make it a point to read the blog every week.
We had a great first weekend, and it was wonderful to see so many of you on opening day.  We were also in full operation on Sunday despite the rain, so just a reminder, we train in practically any weather conditions, so make sure to obtain the necessary rain gear and join in the fun the next time we encounter a few drops from the sky.
Reminders about mandatory memberships and upcoming events on our calendar:
1)  All racers must be members of USSA.  If you have not done so already, please join or renew your membership to US Ski & Snowboard at www.usskiandsnowboard.org. You must have a ‘competition membership’.
2)  All racers must be a member of VARA.  Again if you have not joined VARA or renewed your membership, please do so at www.vara.org.
If there are questions about either of these memberships, let us know.


3)  Our first race of the year for the U12s will be the ‘End of the Year Open' slalom race on 12/30 at Okemo. It is a great race to get the season started before the council season starts. Since it is an OPEN race, parents must enter their kids. Go to www.adminskiracing.com and sign-up. This race fills up quickly, and if it fills before you register, we will not be able to do anything to get your kids into the race. 
4)  This Saturday 12/8 at 2:00PM, there will be a parent Q&A, and we welcome any and all of you who might have questions about U12 racing to come and further educate yourselves. Either Katie or Jim will be there to answer any and all of your questions. This will take place in the Ski & Board Club room. (Upstairs above Guest Services).
5)  We have Friday training all day, every Friday. If you plan on attending, please RSVP through the RSVP FORM. It is a great opportunity to get additional miles and hasten one's improvement, so if you have the opportunity, please join us. Friday training starts at 8:55am and ends at 2:30pm. Athletes are with their parents for lunch (11:30a-12:30p). 
The schedule for 12/7 through 12/9:
Friday 12/7 Slalom skis. Technical free skiing.
Saturday, 12/8  Slalom skis. Technical free skiing.
Sunday 12/9          GS skis. Technical free-skiing.
We look forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend. We will be breaking our large group into 3 PODS with specific coaches assigned to each POD.  Remember, it does not matter which Pod you are assigned to or who is in your POD. The most important component of your ski racing development is your commitment and effort. Every racer in every POD will have the opportunity to learn extensively and become a better skier and racer.
Jim & Katie
U12 Coaching Staff:
Katie Mallia
Jim Sullivan
Brian Whatley
Ray DeVerry
Eric Erthein
Greg Hardy
Karolis Krulis
Britt Hall
Jackson Bell
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SWSC Opening Day! Saturday Dec. 1


SWSC will be opening the 2018/19 season at 8:20am on Saturday in front of the Mountain Sports School (MSS) Building. Get excited for the start of the race season!!

Schedules for all groups:

Dec. 1st

8:20am Meet Coaches
8:30am-11:30am AM Ski Session
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch w/parents*
*U8/U10 parents much pick up kids in front of the MSS building
12:30pm-3:00pm PM Ski Session*
*U8/U10 parents much pick up kids in front of the MSS building
4:00pm Parent Social and Coach presentation at Table 43.1. Black Bear Lodge
All parents should plan on attending

U8/U10/U12/U14: SL Skis, no guards, GS poles
U16/U19: GS Skis, GS poles*
*if you have not skied yet this winter, please check with your coach as to what skis to bring!
Masters/M1: SK Skis, no guards, GS poles

Dec. 2nd

8:20am Meet Coaches
8:30am-11:30am AM Ski Session
11:30am-12:30pm Lunch w/parents*
*U8/U10 parents much pick up kids in front of the MSS building
12:30pm-3:00pm PM Ski Session*
*U8/U10 parents much pick up kids in front of the MSS building

U8/U10/U12/U14: SL Skis, no guards, GS poles
U16/U19: GS Skis, GS poles*
*if you have not skied yet this winter, please check with your coach as to what skis to bring!
Masters/M1: SL Skis, no guards, GS poles

See you all on Saturday!


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