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Year of Birth 2005 & 2006

The U14 program will focus on skiing skill development through technical free skiing, drill courses, video analysis, and gate training. Participants will continue to focus on free ski fundamentals with an increase in gate training and competition. The U14's compete in the Southern Vermont Council races with top performers advancing to the Vermont State's and the Eastern Champs.

FIS approved GS/SG Helmet, a GS suit, slalom protection gear, and properly sized slalom, giant slalom, and Super-G skis are needed. It is strongly recommend that athletes wear back protection when training GS and Super-G. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association, (VARA) and US Ski & Snowboard.

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm). Year of Birth: 2005 & 2006

Willard Race on MLK is -POSTPONED

In case you missed the emails, the Willard SL on Monday is POSTPONED.

A new date will be announced soon.

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U14 Plan-Jan 18-21, 2019

What an amazing weekend! Congrats to those that raced at Mt Snow and hopefully everyone is pleased with their progress. There is still A LOT of work to do and we need everyone ready to work hard to change their movements. We are racing SL on Monday at Willard and this race will be a fun one. We plan on training some difficult terrain over the weekend in preparation for the Willard SL. 

They are forecasting LOTS of snow over the weekend, so I highly recommend that everyone ski on Saturday, as Saturday afternoon through Sunday may be some Powder skiing sessions! 

I hope everyone has ready Coach Bob's blog 'We have a tuning problem'. If you haven't, please read it right away and get on the ski-tuning plan. Many of your skis are not adequate for training or racing, as they are not sharp or waxed. You can not make progress on dull skis and just adds to athlete frustration. TUNE your skis after EVER day of skiing. Tune=Wax & sharpen. 

The Plan:

Friday 1/18-     SL Training-RSVP Required: RSVP FORM
Saturday 1/19- SL Training- Bring Powder skis for the PM in case we can't train due to heavy snow. 
                                        We will decide the PM plan at the end of the morning session.
Sunday 1/20-   SL Training- Bring Powder skis for the PM in case we can't train due to heavy snow.
                                     We will decide the plan in the morning.
Monday 1/21-  RACE DAY!  Willard SVC SL. This does count for SVC Standings and all athlete must attend.
                                        Arrive at Willard Mtn by 7:30am. Registration is in the lodge.
                                        Meet at the lift at 8:15 for inspection. 
                                        *Willard is 1:20 from Stratton resort. Please give extra time for the drive, as it can 
                                               be hard to find.
                                        **Monday's weather forecast is super COLD! Please plan accordingly. 

See everyone this weekend!!


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We have a Ski Tuning Problem

Dull is not an option!


Parents/Athletes, we have a problem.

We need to talk, or at least come up with a plan, as we have a tuning problem! The courses we ski are very hard. Hard snow is considered to be the fairest surface to race on. All competitors get to race on essentially the same surface. The problem is racers with well-tuned skis will have a enormous advantage. Athletes who’s skis were tuned last week are a serious disadvantage.


Think I’m exaggerating? How many pairs of skis do you think Mikaela Shiffrin brought to the Olympics?  NY Times-Shiffrin.  35 pairs so she could have sharp skis for every run! Normally she travels with more. Everything is relative right, but it should illustrate how important proper equipment is.


After watching our runs the last couple of races it appears that several of our racers are training and racing on dull or improperly tuned skis. We will work with you to help figure out if your skis are tuned and if not, a path forward to get them that way. 


Here are the basics:

Skis need to be touched up and waxed after every training day. The edges should be race sharpened weekly and the bases should be ground two or three times a season. It is just as important train on sharp skis as it is to race on them. Sharp skis develop confidence in your equipment and help racers understand what they are capable of doing. 


My personal preference is to have my skis base ground and structured at a shop. I then set my base bevel to .5 degrees and grind my edge bevel to 3.0 degrees. Once this done I can generally keep it up with a stone and edge guide and waxing iron for a few days.

If you (parents or athletes) don't know how to tune, don't try to teach yourself. Tuning takes a lot of practice and needs to be taught by an experience ski tuner. If you aren't tuning your own skis, bring to a shop after EVERY training session! It sounds excessive, but sharp skis matter and will facilitate learning. 

Athletes at a U14 age class should be at the very least, waxing their own skis daily and using a guide and stones to touch up the edges. Don't start using a file on skis unless you're fully trained! U16's should be doing full-tunes them selves (wax, file, stone). 


Please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Let’s work together and come up with plan to keep our skis racer ready! The SWSC U14 coaches will put together a parent/athlete tuning clinic to help with this process so we can have more productive training sessions and race days. Keep an eye out for the details.

Coach Bob

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A few thoughts for all racers...

Bacon’s (Bob) Theory of Relativity:


When it comes to measuring your performance at a ski race everything is relative. Amy Morin* says “Mentally Strong People Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control”.


How does this apply to your ski racing performance?


You can’t control who shows up at a race and how they perform that day. You (or your parents) have decided that you will be racing in Vermont, one of the most competitive places to ski race in US. In fact, I am 99% sure that some of the people (maybe you) who raced this past weekend will end up skiing for a national team. Vermont has good skiers and how you place at a ski race is relative to who you are racing.


How you did at a ski race is up to you to decide. Was your second run place better than your first? Did you move your race line higher like you have been working on? Did you achieve your personal objectives?


Even though Makaila Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher seem to be winning all the time, there are a lot of really talented people training and working hard to help them win less often. These are World Cup skiers, who aren’t giving up, they are motivated and working harder.


How will you measure yourself when you race?


 *13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin


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U14 Plan- Jan 11-13, 2019

Congratulations to all of you a your first SVC event of the 2019 season! We had a lot of great skiing and results even with the super challenging snow/ice/ruts! Let's keep working hard and focus on your skiing every run you take. It was great to see Skye G, Sophie D, and Lauren J get into the Top-10 for awards. Congrats!!

A few notes from the weekend:

  • LEARNING: Look at the run in front of you. If you dwell on the previous run (if you think it was 'bad'), then we won't be able to have success on the next run. This is true in training and in racing. Learn from a run and then adjust and focus on the next run. No need to dwell!!
  • TUNING: Your skis need to be sharper!! We are skiing a lot of skis that are not sharp or waxed. This snow is VERY harsh and the skis will dull in just a half of day of training and the bases will get beat up from the hard ice. SKIS MUST BE SHARPENED AND WAXED AFTER EVERY TRAINING DAY OR RACE DAY. Training on skis that haven't been tuned in over a week is unacceptable and unproductive.
  • AWARDS: Awards are part of the race day. I was happy to see a big crew of athletes at the awards to congratulate their teammates that made it into the top 10! But, many athlete had left prior to awards and were not their to support the successes of their team.
    • Awards are part of the race day and ALL SWSC U14's are expected to stay until the end of the awards ceremony. 
    • Parents: This is part of your job! Please plan on staying with your son/daughter until the end of awards at all events.

The Plan:

Fri 1/11:    GS Training (Please RSVP by Wednesday on the RSVP Form!)
Sat 1/12:   GS Training
Sun 1/13:  RACE DAY! Mt Snow SVC Race #2
                  Please arrive at Mt Snow for 7:15am for registration. The registration is upstairs in the base lodge.
                  Athletes are entered but will still need to pay on the morning of the event. 
                  For more details on the event, go to VARA.org for the event information sheet.

See you soon!!


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