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Year of Birth 2005 & 2006

The U14 program will focus on skiing skill development through technical free skiing, drill courses, video analysis, and gate training. Participants will continue to focus on free ski fundamentals with an increase in gate training and competition. The U14's compete in the Southern Vermont Council races with top performers advancing to the Vermont State's and the Eastern Champs.

FIS approved GS/SG Helmet, a GS suit, slalom protection gear, and properly sized slalom, giant slalom, and Super-G skis are needed. It is strongly recommend that athletes wear back protection when training GS and Super-G. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association, (VARA) and US Ski & Snowboard.

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm). Year of Birth: 2005 & 2006

U14 Plan- March 8-10



Congrats to the 10 U14's that are headed to States and the 2 headed to the Piche's!! This will be an exciting weekend with lots of racing at the State Champs and at the Spring series open races!!


Get fired up and get excited for the races!



The Plan:

Friday 3/1:       ~ U14 State SG Race!!! No Friday training for those not racing

Saturday 3/2:  ~ U14 State GS Race!!

                          ~ Sun Mountain Showdown SL- Bromley ** Enter TODAY   ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com

Sunday 3/3:     ~ U14 State SL Race!!

                          ~ Spring Series Open GS- Magic ** Enter TODAY                  ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com

                              **No training on Saturday and Sunday for those that choose not to race at Bromley or Magic


Upcoming Races: 

March 17-  Nathan Carreira Dual Panel SL- Stratton *     ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com 

                    ~All SWSC U14 athletes should plan on racing the Nathan Carreira Memorial race! 


*Parents MUST log on and pay for these races online in advance. These races WILL sell out, so please enter by March 28th. 


Don't forget!!


March 16-    SWSC Alpine Awards Dinner and Banquet!! RSVP REQUIRED


See you this weekend!



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Friday Training-Update

We've had an exciting weekend of racing!
  • 7 SWSC U12's are Headed to Piche's!
  • 10 SWSC U14's are headed to the VT State Champs at Stratton!
  • 2 SWSC U14's are headed to Piche's!
  • 2 SWSC U16's are headed to U16 Eastern Championships!
  • 9 SWSC U16's and U19's are headed to the Eastern High School Championships!
Wow!! Congratulations to the entire team! Everyone has been amazing and all the hard work over the season is paying off!
Friday Training Update
This coming Friday thru Sunday SWSC is hosting the Vermont U14 State Championships! This is an exciting event and a huge undertaking for the SWSC event team and coaching staff. 
With this, there will be no Friday training this week. All available coaching staff will be needed to run Friday's championship race. We don't cancel Friday training often, as we know it's an important training day for the team, but it's hard to find parent volunteers on Friday's and we are still not covered appropriately for the race. 
Please come and volunteer and cheer on the SWSC U14's at the State Champs!!


David A. Edry

SWSC Program Director

Stratton Mountain Resort

5 Village Lodge Road

Stratton Mountain, VT 05155

802.297.4075 (office)

978.505.8443 (cell)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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U14 Plan-March 1-3, 2019





Another great weekend of training. Those that did ski on Sunday got a lot out of the session and showed that you want to get better everyday, no matter the conditions!!



This Saturday is the final SVC qualifying event and the results will determine the SVC Standings and the SVC State Team and SVC Shootout team will be announced at the Bromley awards on 3/2.  All athletes MUST attend awards.


The VARA Shootout event will take place on Sunday 3/3 at Pico. The Shootout will select the final group that will attend the VARA State Champs. The Pico Shootout is 1 run of GS and 1 run of SL. 


ALL athletes will be asked to confirm or deny their participation in the VARA State Champs and Shootout at the awards ceremony at Bromley on 3/2. If you are NOT at the awards to confirm or deny your participation, you'll be pulled from the list. 


If you make the Shootout on Sunday, you're expected to attend!! It's a event that you qualify for and you can qualify for states from the Shootout!


The Plan:

Friday 3/1:        ~SL training in preparation for Saturday's SVC SL at Bromley

Saturday 3/2:  ~BROMLEY SVC SL. All U14's must attend. Register at the event. Meet at Bromley at 7:30am. 

Sunday 3/3:     ~SHOOTOUT GROUP:      PICO VARA U14 Shootout Race. 

                                                                      Arrive at Pico for registration at 7:15am. 

                                                                      AM- 1 run of GS, PM- 1 run of SL

                                                                      State Team Qualifiers will be announced at Awards. All athletes are expected to attend.

                                                                      *Those not moving on to the State Champs from the Shootout should enter the March

                                                                           9th and 10th Spring Series races. Registration details below in 'Upcoming Race' section.

                                                                           These races WILL FILL. Enter ASAP even if unsure about participation!!

                          ~STATES TEAM GROUP:  Train at Stratton

                                                                     AM- GS, PM- SL


                                                                      Train at Stratton in preparation for the March 9th and 10th Spring Series races

                                                                          *Registration details below in 'Upcoming Race' section. These races WILL FILL. 

                                                                            Enter ASAP!!

                                                                      AM- GS, PM- SL

Thursday 3/7:   STATES TEAM GROUP:  U14 State Championships Training Day. AM-GS, PM-SL

Friday 3/8-10:  VARA U14 STATE CHAMPS:  3/8-  Slalom Race

                                                                              3/9- GS Race

                                                                              3/10- SG Race and Awards Party. Eastern Champs Team Announced.



Upcoming Races: 


March 9-   Sun Mountain Showdown SL- Bromley*        ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com
March 10- Spring Series Open GS- Magic *                      
ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com

March 17- Nathan Carreira Dual Panel SL- Stratton *     ENTRY:  www.adminskiracing.com 

                    ~All SWSC U14 athletes should plan on racing the Nathan Carreira Memorial race! 


*Parents MUST log on and pay for these races online in advance. These races WILL sell out, so please enter by March 28th. 


Don't forget!!


March 16- SWSC Alpine Awards Dinner and Banquet!!


See you this weekend!


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Nathan Carreira Memorial Dual Panel SL-Stratton

The 1st Annual Nathan Carreira Memorial Dual Panel SL
Stratton Mountain Vermont
Franks Fall Line
U14's, U16's, U19's, Masters

Sunday March 17th. All SWSC Should enter and race if you're not away at Championships!!


Check out the great Nathan Carreira Memorial Race Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk6GmnVakeU&feature=youtu.be

To Register, go to: https://adminskiracing.com/node/185009

What is the Nathan M. Carreira Memorial Race?

  • A panel slalom scored ski race for USSA/VARA registered members hosted by the Stratton Mountain Winter Sports Club to honor Nathan Carreira’s (2003-2018) memory.
  • Nathan was an accomplished alpine racer who took his own life in March 2018. At the time of his passing, a group of Nathan’s closest ski friends decided a race event would be the best way to celebrate his life because he was so passionate about skiing and smiled brightest on the slopes.

When is this year’s event?

  • The first annual race is taking place on March 17th, 2019 at Stratton Mountain. It is expected to attract approximately 250 racers from the Southern Vermont community along with their spectating parents, siblings and friends.

Why should you support this event?

  • The goal of this event is to have a fun, annual ski race that strengthens and builds community while celebrating Nathan’s life and his love for skiing. The event is also an opportunity to educate the community about teen suicide and ways to help.
  • Funds raised from the event will go to the Nathan M. Carreira Endowment Fund at the Stratton Foundation. The Stratton Foundation's mission is to assist local children, teens, and families in Southern Vermont, helping them meet basic human needs in order to live a safe and fulfilling life. Nathan's endowment is a branch of this foundation and has already positively impacted those in the Southern Vermont community by providing a suicide prevention training and education program to the public.
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Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

You’ve probably heard that one before, but it is true. Your hard work is paying off. Our training effort this weekend was “wicked” impressive. In spite of the busy Saturday lift lines, the quality and quantity of training was terrific. Our sets were not easier, they required effort, smart skiing and adapting your tactics as you skied. This U14 athlete group just keeps getting better and better. Every one of you has improved your ski racing this season. All of us coaches are very impressed and proud to coach you.


Sunday was another example of how this group just works through its challenges to produce exceptional results. A few athletes came out in the morning for training in the ice and rain. Your efforts inspire us coaches to be creative too. As is typical with this group the ‘what can I work on coach’ positive attitude motivated us to get Stratton to let us set a stubby slalom on Suntanner. It turned out to be a lot of fun and great training. By the end of the AM session I think every racer on the hill had run our course. I mean every U8, U10, U12, U16, and U19 on the hill! You guys our setting a great example. Thanks!


Coach Bob.

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