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Year of Birth 2003 & 2004

The U16 athletes typically have had a number of years of racing experience and are expert skiers. The U16 program continues to work on technical free skiing with an increased focus on gate training, racing, and video analysis. The U16 athletes will participate in the Vermont Cup race series and the Vermont U16 State Championship. The top performers at the U16 State
Championships will move on to an Eastern Championships. The athletes will also focus on the development of their US Ski & Snowboard ‘point profile’.

Typical equipment needs include: FIS approved GS/SG Helmet (no ‘soft ears’), GS suit, slalom protection gear, a back protector, and properly sized SL, GS and SG skis. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) as well as US Ski & Snowboard.

Requirements: VARA Membership, US Ski & Snowboard Competition Membership, FIS approved GS Helmet, back protection (highly recommended)

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm)

U16-SG or Powder Skiing - What will it be?

The video from the GS race on Sunday has been uploaded to Sprongo: https://sprongo.com/playlists/155214/66707/t, check it out. Some really awesome skiing.

We are coming off a great block of GS and plan to work our athletes into some speed elements on Friday 1/18 – Saturday 1/19. Our goals are to work on balance, terrain and aerodynamics at speed in a safe, controlled and fun environment. We would like to treat this with all the same seriousness and respect as if our athletes were attending a SG race. All Athletes need to show up on time for this training session as we will be taking the time for a coach instructed - course inspection.
We will be reviewing with the athletes the following:
• Respect speed
• The importance/requirement of inspection
• Yellow zone
• What to do if you fall in SG
• Reviewing tuck positions - (Low and high)
• How to move from one tuck position to another
• How to stop
• Course Inspection
Skis for training can be SG or a longer GS skis, below are some recommended guidelines:


Woman >110lbs: 190-195CM 30M GS or 190-200CM >30M SG

Men: >193CM 30M GS or 190-205CM >30M SG

Fast skiing (SG fast) is only done in controlled environments with lots of fencing for protection, and under a coach’s supervision. After a good speed training session, what was once fast before is slow, so when returning to other trails please keep your speeds down. Please be safe 

We are evaluating adding the State SG race to our race schedule, please don’t sign up for the race until we can commit to properly preparing our athletes for this race. Please talk to any of the coaches if you have questions.

Of course, with speed training scheduled for this weekend, here comes the snow. Please check the blog for any changes.

Plan A - No significant snow – dusting

Friday, Jan 18 – SG skis, GS poles, GS helmet, Back Protector

Saturday, Jan 19 – SG/GS skis, GS poles, GS helmet, Back Protector

Sunday, Jan20 – SL skis, shin guards, SL helmet / face bar, pole guards on SL poles 

Plan B – Significant snow

Friday, Jan 18 – Powder/SL skis, GS/SL helmet, shin guards, pole guards on SL poles

Saturday, Jan 19 – Powder/SL skis, GS/SL helmet, shin guards, pole guards on SL poles

Sunday, Jan20 – Powder/SL skis, GS/SL helmet, shin guards, pole guards on SL poles

Already getting excited for another great weekend!

The U16 Coaches


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A few thoughts for all racers...

Bacon’s (Bob) Theory of Relativity:


When it comes to measuring your performance at a ski race everything is relative. Amy Morin* says “Mentally Strong People Don’t Waste Energy on Things They Can’t Control”.


How does this apply to your ski racing performance?


You can’t control who shows up at a race and how they perform that day. You (or your parents) have decided that you will be racing in Vermont, one of the most competitive places to ski race in US. In fact, I am 99% sure that some of the people (maybe you) who raced this past weekend will end up skiing for a national team. Vermont has good skiers and how you place at a ski race is relative to who you are racing.


How you did at a ski race is up to you to decide. Was your second run place better than your first? Did you move your race line higher like you have been working on? Did you achieve your personal objectives?


Even though Makaila Shiffrin and Marcel Hirscher seem to be winning all the time, there are a lot of really talented people training and working hard to help them win less often. These are World Cup skiers, who aren’t giving up, they are motivated and working harder.


How will you measure yourself when you race?


 *13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do by Amy Morin


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U16 Plan: Keeps Getting Better

All of the coaches were very proud of our athlete’s performance on Saturday. They all had some very positive elements of execution on what they have been working on and learning. We try to keep the focus on their own performance for their run and do their own self-appraisal of how well they executed that race run. As our athletes continue to improve their performances the results will happen over time. It was a really good day!

We had another awesome day of training on Sunday.  The athletes brought incredible energy, and enthusiasm as we got back to GS training. We used timing / video and challenged our athletes to use different tactical plans to see the changes in their times. It was a great session.

The video for the races and our training sessions are on Sprongo:

Friday, Jan 4 - Stratton GS - https://sprongo.com/playlists/154486 

Saturday, Jan 5 - Bromley SL - https://sprongo.com/playlists/154596

Sunday, Jan 6 - Stratton Training GS - https://sprongo.com/playlist/154741


We plan to continue to amp up the GS training in preparation for the Sunday race at Stratton.

Saturday, Jan 12 GS skis, GS poles, GS helmet, and Back Protector

Sunday, Jan 13 – Stratton GS Race Day Plan

7:15AM Registration opens West wing of the Base Lodge

8:35AM Meet all athletes in front of Mid Mountain lodge – Leaving promptly 8:40AM

9:00AM Course inspection

9:45AM First Run begins

We’ve had some issues getting a few athletes into races, the best way to ensure you get in is to sign up well in advance and withdrawn if required. This helps ensure your participation in the races you’d like to attend. Below is the complete U16 SWSC race schedule that everyone is eligible for and a the link to RaceAdmin for signup. Some links are not yet available  for signup.




Host Mt






























Men - Stratton
Woman - Sugarbush





Men - Stratton
Woman - Sugarbush













Best Regards,

U16 Coaching Staff

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Updated Plan for Friday 1/4

For the folks that are racing Friday 1/4, the plan is:
7:15 AM Registration is in the West End of the Main Lodge
8:35AM Meet coaches in front the Mid Stratton Lodge – Leaving promptly 8:40AM *
8:45AM Course inspection - Race is on Franks Fallline
9:45AM First Run

After the race we will be trying to get in a little SL training, so please bring SL skis, shin guards, face bar, pole guards on SL poles.

I wanted to share a part of Alex’s post this month:

Of course we all want immediate results. It's far more difficult to put in the work, follow a program and be patient in achieving our goal. Building daily habits will help and give you something consistent to focus on. Results will vary, but the process stays steady no matter what. Every day you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're getting a little better.
Alex Krebs - VARA's Youth Coordinator
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New Year - January 2019

We have had a great athlete to coach ratio and it provided an environment for each athlete to get a lot of individual focus during the holiday break. The snow conditions continued to be firm and challenging. The athletes are really working hard on acquiring the necessary skills and it’s really starting to show in their skiing. We continued our progression working on the mastery of good arc-to-arc skiing. We had multiple opportunities to shoot some video during training to aid our athletes in gaining a better technical understanding and help guide their ongoing learning. The mountain operations folks have been doing an incredible job at providing us with enough snow to have gate training sessions despite the warmer / rainy cycle we remain in. Hopefully this weather pattern changes soon in our favor of some snow or remains colder. The conditions over at Bromley will be very firm, razor sharp skis are going to be key to help ensure success.

s. Please sign up for the Bromley race at: https://adminskiracing.com/node/180627, if you have not already done so.

Saturday, Jan 5 - SL race at Bromley
Sunday, Jan 6 – Training GS - GS skis, GS poles, GS helmet. Back Protector - w/video and timing.

Bromley Race Plan:

7:15 AM   Registration is upstairs in the Wild Boar Base Lodge

8:20AM    Meet coaches in front (hill side) of Wild Boar Base Lodge – Leaving promptly 8:30AM *

8:45AM    Course inspection - Race is on East Meadow

9:30AM    First Run

Next race date and overview of training for January
Sunday, November 27 – GS Race at Stratton
This month we have planned for (2) GS and (2) SL races, (3) Speed Elements / SG, (5) GS and (4) SL focused training days
Looking forward to another great month!!

U16 Coaches

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