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Happy 2019

Happy New Year!  I want to thank everyone for a great and productive holiday training session.  We were able to get in a good amount of training, fun, and even some fencing.  Many thanks to those were able to help with the fence on Frank’s.  It’s a very necessary part of maintaining a safe training venue.

This week will be busy.  Some will be racing on Friday at the Vermont Open at Stratton.  Good luck to all.  And then many will be attending the Bromley Slalom on Saturday.  With both races I want all athletes to remember some key takeaways from our recent training.  Remember to maintain elevation in both Slalom and GS.  This will allow you to have pressure above the gate, avoid the low line and inevitable ruts.  Also, don’t forget to move “forward and in the direction of the new turn” with your transition.  Lateral movement is not enough. 

If you plan on training Friday please remember that you must RSVP through the RSVP form before Thursday morning.

Friday: Vermont Open GS at Stratton.  Lift open at 8:30am.  Be ready to load to allow for good course inspection.

Saturday:  Vermont Cup SL at Bromley.  Lifts open at 8:30am.  Be ready to load to allow for good course inspection. 

Sunday:  GS training. 

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Monday, 18 November 2019

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