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Year of Birth 2000-2002

The U19 program is for high school aged athletes who want to continue their ski racing in a weekend program. These athletes participate in the US Ski & Snowboard Vermont Cup Series. The stronger athletes may qualify for the Eastern FIS race series. The additional training on varied terrain will give an advantage to this aged athlete as they continue to develop their technical and tactical skills. The U19 group will develop their skiing through technical free skiing, drill courses, increased gate training, and video analysis.

Typical equipment needs include: FIS approved GS Helmet (no ‘soft ears’), a GS suit, slalom protection gear, a back protector, and properly sized SL, GS and SG skis. Athletes must be members of the Vermont Alpine Racing Association (VARA) as well as US Ski & Snowboard. Athletes hoping to compete at a FIS level will need to purchase a FIS license prior to the season.

Requirements: VARA Membership, US Ski & Snowboard Competition Membership, FIS approved Helmet (no ‘soft ears’)

Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch 11:30am to 12:30pm)

Dec. 30th-U19 Schedule Change!

The U19's will train SLALOM on Sunday Dec. 30th!! Please have SL skis, poles, gear!!

See you in the AM!


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Friday December 28th Update

The Okemo PSL scheduled for Friday December 28th has been postponed.  A makeup date has not be announced.  With this recent change to the schedule we will be training SL tomorrow.  Also, some athletes will be signing up for the Cochran's Holiday Slalom on Saturday December 29th.  If you are interested please go to adminskiracing.com to sign up.  A couple of the U16 coaches will be going up to support the race. 

Friday Training Update: SL skis, chin bar and pole/shin guards

The remainder of the weekend plans remains the same.


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Holiday Week Plans

We were treated to some very firm and variable surfaces over the last few days.  Make sure everyone tunes up their SL and GS skis.  The snow has been very aggressive and not only takes a toll on the edges it also breaks down the wax.  So don’t forget to wax wax wax.  

Please read carefully as there is a lot of information to cover.  And, don’t forget to check out your videos on Sprongo. 

Wed 12/26:  Slalom training. Both SL and GS poles, chin bar & shin guards

Thu 12/27:  Slalom training.  Both SL and GS poles, chin bar & shin guards

Fri 12/28:  RACE DAY at the Okemo Parallel Panel Slalom.  See more details below which are from the VARA fact sheet.  Be ready to get on the lifts at 8am!!

Fri 12/28:  SWSC Skating party, 5:30-7:30pm

Sat 12/29:  SL Training.  SL Poles, chin bar & shin guards

Sat 12/29:  SWSC performance education series. 'Nutrition and Performance'. Dave Redden. Wentworth Room. 4-5pm.

Sun 12/30:  GS Training. Arm guards & FIS helmet

Mon 12/31:  SL training.  SL poles, chin bar & shin guards

OKEMO PSL Details:

Parallel Course Set: red and blue course. Odd bibs go red for the first run and even on blue. Second run, they change courses. 2 runs combined. Ladies- 1st Run, Men- 1st Run...Ladies- 2nd Run, Men- 2nd Run...Top 8 Ladies, Top 8 Men...Top 4 Ladies, Top 4 Men...Top 2 Ladies, Top 2 Men...Winner, Winner

See everyone Wednesday.  Enjoy a day off!


U19 Coaches

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Important Training Update for Dec 22 & 23

With the soft conditions expected on Saturday we are going to swap the Saturday and Sunday training plans.  Therefore on Saturday we will be training Slalom and GS on Sunday.  Sorry for the late change however this will be more productive for everyone.

Tune your skis as hopefully we will get down to the hard surface on Franks Fall Line.

Saturday:  SL training: chin bar, pole and shin guards

Sunday: GS Training: arm guards, FIS GS helmet

Monday: no change....GS Training: arm guards, FIS GS helmet

See everyone on Saturday.


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U19 Weekend Plans 12/21-12/24

Super job last weekend.  Everyone continues to make positive strides.  Remember to TUNE your skis.  The surface has been very firm and I don’t see it getting any softer.  Even with warm temperatures.

Last weekend recap.  A focus on slalom as we get prepared for the December 28th Okemo Parallel Panel Slalom.  A strong athletic stance is critical with active movement into the new turn.  Remember the wedge turns down North American on Sunday?  What happens when you are in the back seat, the inside ski tip goes up.  It is no different in dynamic slalom skiing.  You need to be forward and drive the skis with pressure early in the turn.  It’s amazing what happens you slow everything down.  Great work on getting it working as we progressed down the slope and then carried it into the gates.  Nice job!!

For this weekend please see the below plan. 

Friday:  GS Training.  Please remember that you must RSVP through the RSVP form before Thursday morning.

Saturday: GS Training. Arm guards and GS helmet

Sunday: SL Training. Shin and hand guard, and chin bar

Monday: GS Training.  Arm guards and GS helmet

Don’t forget to sign up for the Okemo PSL on December 28th via www.adminskiracing.com

The U19 Coaches


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