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SWSC Allegro: One Amazing Weekend Down, Many To Go!

SWSC Allegro: One Amazing Weekend Down, Many To Go!

Greetings from Stratton!

If you weren't at Stratton on Saturday, you missed one of the best days of the season. Three feet of new snow, abundant sunshine and low clouds made it feel like Stratton was in the Swiss Alps. Skiing was unreal! I wanted to thank everyone for their patience on Saturday morning as we got the groups together, while it may have looked a little hectic, the coaches know the drill and did a great job getting everyone into the appropriate groups quickly. We spent the weekend working on getting everyone in an athletic stance over their skis as this is the basis for everything we do in Freestyle & Freeskiing.

Those of you that made it to the Apres Ski & Parent Presentation on Saturday afternoon, I hope you had an excellent time! If you missed it, I put the presentation on the Freestyle home page, one of the white buttons.

If you happened to miss last weekend, not to worry, we will continue to work on our Stance & Posture for several weeks and focus on being in an athletic stance on all types of variable terrain. We will utilize steeper trails, terrain parks, and moguls to reinforce the importance of keeping the body dynamic while standing balanced over the skis.

Travel safe and see you this weekend for another great weekend at Stratton!

All the Best,


(Photo by: Dillon Lovell)

SWSC Freeskiing: Strong Opening Weekend!
U12 Plan-Dec. 7-9, 2018


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Wednesday, 24 July 2019

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