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Ages 9-16 | B-Competition Team
Times: 8:30am to 3pm (Lunch Break 11:30am to 12:30pm)

This program builds on the skills learned in the Allegro program and begins to specialize training orientated toward mogul competition. Participating athletes will be expected to come prepared to daily sessions ready to train, as they develop air awareness on more difficult jumps and ski moguls with more power and speed. Athletes will ski with USSA certified coaches, many whom have individually participated at high levels of mogul competition. Coaching staff will have a presence at scheduled Central Region competitions and Divisional Championships in the Eastern Qualifier Series (EQS) sanctioned events put on by Eastern Division of the United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA). On –hill performance and associated goals will be evaluated throughout the winter season. USSA Competitor License is required for participation in any USSA event. Event registration fees are not included. Additional travel fees may be required.

Click here for: Eastern Freestyle Registration (EQS B-Central)

SWSC Freestyle B: Powdah Hounds Unite!

SWSC Freestyle B: Powdah Hounds Unite!
B Team Families!!
What an amazing weekend at the Stevek Mogul Challenge! We had three fun filled days of competition. All of the coaches were impressed with how well the athletes competed over the three days!
First off I would like to say a BIG THANKS to the parents that volunteered this weekend. Parent volunteers are the reason we are able to run one of the best events on the Eastern Freestyle Circuit. So thank you again for all that you do! And a special thanks to Katie Chiappinelli and Sue Stevenson who are our Volunteer Coordinators and make it so our event can go off as smoothly as possible!
We had a great weekend of results for our SWSC athletes on all three days.
1st- Nora S.
2nd- Carmen D.
3rd- Alexa K.
4th- Ava C.
5- Lily T.
9th- Eden K.
10th- Lucia C.
1st- Finn O.
2nd- Henry M.
3rd- Cosmo
4th- Zane R.
6th- Charlie H.
7th- Ali H.
8th- Max VdV.
9th- Joshua S.
1st- Carmen D.
3rd- Ava C.
4th- Nora S.
5th- Lily T.
8th- Alexa K.
9th- Catherine S.
2nd- Finn O.
3rd- Zane R.
4th- Tyler G.
6th- Charlies H.
8th- Max VdV.
9th- Luke K-H.
Great job to everyone who came out and competed!!!
This weekend we will have excellent training at Stratton for MLK weekend on our Beeline competition venue. There will be program on Monday as well for those who have the day off from school.
We are scheduled to get a huge snowstorm on Saturday thru Sunday and looking at the local forecasts, 2-3 FEET is not out of the question. On the backside of the storm Monday morning low temps are forecast to be -20ºF (without wind chill), if athletes are not prepared, they should stay inside. Use extreme caution with the younger groups especially. Frostbite happens in minutes at these temperatures if you are not careful.
Videos from competitions are available on our Sprongo page for those who would like them. Going back and reviewing your videos is a great learning technique and allows athletes to see how they are skiing and how they can improve. It is something our A Team athletes and coaches do together on a weekly basis. Our Page is called SWSC Freestyle B and can be found here: https://sprongo.com/team/80928/playlists
Important Information:
  • We will have limited staff attending the Whiteface B Event, only for those that missed out on attending Killington. The Whiteface B Event is the same weekend as the FIS Freestyle NorAm at Stratton, and our athletes would get a lot out of seeing these elite skiers compete on our World Cup Trail here at Stratton. Freestyle athletes from all over the world will come to Stratton February 2-3. If you still feel you need to attend Whiteface be sure to set an alarm for Monday at 6:00pm when registration opens.
  • Registration for Killington (1/26 and 1/27) is FULL and waitlist exhausted.
Safe Travels up to Vermont this Weekend!
Sam Johnston
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SWSC Freestyle B: Stevek Mogul Challenge

Hello B Team Families!
What a busy weekend!!! We had two separate B Events going on this weekend and some kids training at Stratton. Wherever you were this weekend I hope you had a great time and got some great skiing in!
Hunter Recap:
All I can say is, way to represents SWSC this weekend! Saturday we had the boys sweep the the top 3. Charlie H. snatched 1st place, Zane R. took 2nd place and Henry M. took 3rd. But as if that wasn’t enough- George M. took 4th, Luke K-H took 5th and Cosmo took 6th! The girls were just as impressive on Saturday with 8 of the top 10 spots belonging to SWSC women. Carmen D. took a stand on the podium in 2nd place. Manuela P. took home 4th place, Catherine S. was  5th, Alexa K. was 6th, Ava M. was 7th, Emma G. was 8th, and Layla K-H was 10th!
But the awesomeness doesn't stop there! Sunday we had great results as well! For the boys, we had two Stratton boys on the podium! Zane R. once again took home the Silver Medal and Cosmo snagged the Bronze Medal!! Henry M. took home 4th, Charlie H. in 5th, Ali H. in 6th, Cody G. in 8th, and Tyler G. in 9th! Now for the girls:  Carmen D. stood on the podium in 3rd place! Manuela P. once again took home 4th, Annie P. came in 5th, Catherine S. came in 6th, Layla K-H. in 7th, and Alexa K. in 9th!

Bristol Recap:
A Team families that have B team athletes were able to keep their families together and while I was not at Bristol this weekend, I got great reports from Jack and Constantyn about how everyone rocked out there! On Saturday, Max VdV. took 7th place and Finn O. took home 9th place! For the girls, Nora S. came in 5th place and Lexi K.  took 8th! On Sunday Lexi K. took 4th place and Nora S. took home 9th place! For the boys, we had Finn O. take home 10th place!
Great job to all of the athletes who competed this weekend! We saw some KILLER top to bottom runs this weekend! I am very proud of ALL the SWSC athletes who went out and threw down this weekend!
Now for the main event…… STEVEK MOGUL CHALLENGE!!!!
The time has come for Stratton to host our B Competition! Hopefully everyone was able to sign up for at least one of the days. We have a packed weekend! Training will be held on Thursday for those who have top notch grades in school. Training will be from 11-3 on Beeline
Friday’s Competition will be for BOYS AND GIRLS
Saturday will be Girls only
Sunday will be Boys only!
The schedule for all three day is as followed!
7:15- Registration
8:30 Lift Opens
8:45- Training
9:45- Course Maintenance
10:00- Forerunners
10:15- Competition Starts
Official Schedule can be found here
**There will be Early Bird Registration on Thursday Afternoon at 3 in the West Wing**
But Wait There’s More!!
There will be a
B Team dinner on Friday night in the Upper West Wing from 5-7.
The dinner will be $25 per person! We hope to see you there!!!
We STILL need parent volunteers for all 3 days of the competitions! Parent Volunteers are HUGE part of this weekend. We couldn’t run this competition without the help of all of the parents! Please, if you have not signed up yet look through and find something that interests you and sign up!!! The link to sign up is below and you can also find it on the bottom of the SWSC home page. As a parent it is your job on the team to love and support your athlete and volunteering for events is one thing that is mandatory to keep your athlete having a great time in the program. View open positions here:

Note from Tim: We will NOT be attending the Lake Placid/Whiteface event, it not listed on our calendar this year because we are hosting an FIS Freestyle NorAm that weekend, and athletes will want a front row seat to some of the best athletes in Freestyle skiing.

If you’re still reading thanks for getting this far and I hope everyone has a great week ahead and we will see you all this weekend. Thank you in advance for everyone's help in hosting our first event of the season! We can’t wait to see you all there!

Sam Johnston
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Happy Thursday! There has been a change in the training for Hunter tomorrow! It will now start at 12 p.m. You can meet Slater and Emma at 11:45 in the lodge for training! 


Safe Travels!!



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SWSC Freestyle B: Happy New Year, Happy Hunting!

SWSC Freestyle B: Happy New Year, Happy Hunting!
Christmas Week Recap:
What a busy week! While the weather didn’t always play to our favor, everyone did a great job making the most of the conditions and got some great training in over the past week! In the beginning of the week, athletes were able to lap Beeline and made great strides in working on their Stance & Posture in the moguls. Athletes took the drills we were performed on the flats, and translated them into the moguls by flexing their ankles, with forward pressure and their knees bent over the front of the boots! The other coaches and myself were very impressed with how much improvement we have seen over the past few weeks on athlete’s Stance & Posture.
We were also able to get some great training days in on Detour during this break. Athletes focused once again on Stance & Posture but how it relates to the take off and the landing of each and every jump. The kids spent a lot of time hiking up Detour working on coming into the jump with forward pressure and their hands in the proper position, staying balanced in the air throughout their trick and lastly, landing in a forward position with their hands forward ready to get back into the moguls. Athletes practiced singles, doubles and even some triples. We also saw a lot of 360’s being added into at least 10 kids tool belts this week! AWESOME!!!!
We had a lot of extracurriculars this past week as well including: Jumping at the SMS Air Awareness Center, Skating Party, Mother Daughter Yoga, and 21 Jump Salute! I hope everyone had fun participating in these events that we LOVE to offer during our Winter Break!

We are mostly headed to HUNTER and a few to BRISTOL this weekend!
If you are headed to Hunter Mountain this weekend you will be joined by Slater, Emma and myself! Training will be on Friday starting at 9 a.m.. You can meet Emma and Slater at the Lodge at 8:45 and they will take you up for training as a group. (Parent tickets are available)
Saturday/Sunday Schedule:
7:15- Registration Opens
7:45 Meet Coaches in the lodge
7:50- Group Stretch
8:15- Get boots on and ready to go
8:30- Lift Opens
8:45-9:45 Training
10:00- Forerunners
10:15-Competition starts
If you're headed to Bristol, you will be joined by Jack and Constantyn. (Only for B Team Athletes with A Team siblings)

Training will also be held on Friday. You can meet your coaches in the lodge at 1 p.m. to go up to the course as a group. (Parent tickets are available)

Saturday/Sunday Schedule
7:30- Registration opens
7:45- Meet coaches in the Lodge
7:50- Group Stretch
8:15- Boot up
8:30- Lift Opens
8:40-9:50 Training
10:05- Forerunners
10:15- Competition Starts
For everyone competing this weekend, remember you are responsible for being on time for your run! If you are using Friday as a training day make sure you are making the most out of your time. This means using your training runs to ski all the lines and picking the one that best suits you. Also use this time to dial in on your tricks and pick TWO DIFFERENT tricks to perform in your competition runs.
If you are not competing this weekend it will be business as usual back at Stratton where you will work on turns and lines and edging. Good luck to everyone this weekend!
Safe Travels to wherever you are headed!
-Sam Johnston
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Stratton NYE & Stevek Mogul Challenge

Good Morning!

As we close out this year I wanted to reach out about two things, the athlete showcase during the Stratton NYE Fireworks that highlights our program and the Stevek Mogul Challenge.

Athlete Showcase - 21 Jump Salute

This is a tradition that started 15 years ago to honor Steven G Kenney otherwise known as "Stevek". He was a pioneer of our strong seasonal programs at Stratton and was the leader of the Allegro/Freestyle program at Stratton for over 30 years. We build a jump at the base of Suntanner and have athletes jump and showcase their talent during the torchlight and fireworks. We are asking the Freeski Comp Team, B Team & A Team to take part because it's advanced nature. Training at 7:00pm for one hour, please stage at ski school and DO NOT approach the jump without coaches supervision. The show will start at 8:30 with torchlight, jumping then fireworks.

Stevek Mogul Challenge

As a member of the B Team & Allegro program, we invite everyone to take part in the Stevek Mogul Challenge. This is an event not to miss. This is a competition and while Allegro is not a competitive program, we highly encourage all Allegro athletes to try this great event! This event is a US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned event, hosted by Stratton Winter Sports Club.
To get signed up...
Step 1: (Deadline December 31st prior to 6:00pm) Athletes must have a short term US Ski & Snowboard membership or a competitor license that corresponds to the athlete's age. (Please note General Memberships are NOT valid for this event) Membership fees and more info can be found hereTo get a US Ski & Snowboard Membership please click here.
Step 2: (December 31st at 6:00pm) Register for the Stevek Mogul Challenge on Monday December 31 at 6:00pm. To register, have the USSS membership number handy and please click here: http://www.easternfreestyle.org/schedule?FILTER=EQSC&SEASON=2019 (You are looking to click on the green blinking light next to the Stevek Mogul Challenge event. You have the option of doing one or two events. Friday is both girls AND Boys, Saturday is Girls ONLY and Sunday is Boys ONLY. Be sure you understand this when registering, it will help everyone. If you are interested in only doing one day, we encourage you to sign up for Saturday (Girls) or Sunday (Boys). Cost is $65 per day.
Step 3: Attend the event Please  click here for the official schedule. You must be very punctual on event mornings and encourage athletes to show up early so they feel relaxed and comfortable. This event is very big deal to the Athletes and we make every effort to make sure this event is a fun, memorable event that participants will talk about for decades.
Here is a summarized schedule:
January 10th Extra practice
January 11th Boys & Girls Competition
January 12th Girls ONLY Competition
January 13th: Boys ONLY Competition
Thanks for a great week, despite the challenging weather conditions!
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