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SWSC Freeskiing: Rail Jam & Powdah Weekend!

SWSC Freeskiing: Rail Jam & Powdah Weekend!

Hey Freeskiers, 

What a fun weekend it was watching you all compete in skiercross. I’d like to give a big shout out to Julia P. (pictured), Conor M., and Sebastian C. for claiming spots on the podium.  Julia and Conor took home gold medals both days and Sebastian took home a bronze on Sunday. Max H. competed his way to finals but was just shy of a podium. The course was the most fun and challenging skiercross course I have ever seen Stratton build and I’m excited to ski it with you all as the season continues.

Stratton has a new Terrain Park manager, Zach, and we are very excited to see his talent and creativity at work! Tyro has a fresh new look and Smoothie will will get a makeover in the coming week or two.

This weekend we have a rail jam on Sunday (1/20). You can register here: https://usasa.org/regions/new-england/southern-vermont.

Note on this weekends weather: We are scheduled to get a huge snowstorm on Saturday thru Sunday and looking at the local forecasts, 2-3 FEET is not out of the question. On the backside of the storm Monday morning low temps are forecast to be -20ºF (without wind chill), if athletes are not prepared, they should stay inside. Use extreme caution with the younger groups especially. Frostbite happens in minutes at these temperatures if you are not careful.

Looking ahead at next weekend (1/25, 1/26, 1/27), we will be at Mount Snow for our first slopestyle competition of the season.  Along with all the powder skiing we will do this weekend, we really need to work on having 3 tricks, making sure they all link up, ready to throw at Mount Snow, and it looks like this will be the perfect weekend to work on them.

Safe travels and I look forward to seeing everyone in a few days!



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SWSC Freeskiing: Stratton Skier Cross Incoming!

SWSC Freeskiing: Stratton Skier Cross Incoming!

Hey Freeskiers!

Good job to everyone who showed up in the rain on Saturday morning. It only rained for a run or two and the rest of the day was beautiful. The rained softened the landings on Smoothie and everyone pushed their comfort zones and started to go bigger on those jumps. BIG SHOUTOUT to MAX HACK for doing his first backflips on skis this weekend!! The rain and warm weather made the landing on the Detour jump site really soft and it was a perfect time to try. He came in a little short on his first but was courageous enough to try a few more and finally stomped one. If you want to see a video of him land his first backflip, check out our Instagram page SWSCfreeskiing.

This coming weekend we have a skiercross competition on Saturday and Sunday. You can register here: https://usasa.org/regions/new-england/southern-vermont. Online registration closes on Thursday, Jan 10th. Registration is 7:30-8:30 in the west wing of the base lodge. If you registered online and you have your bib already, you still need to go to registration to confirm your bib number. If you do not have a bib, you can purchase it at registration for $20. Meet at the Freeski flag at the usual time of 8:25 and please be on time. Have a great week and I hope to see everyone with freshly waxed skis this weekend!



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SWSC Freeskiing: Happy New Year!

SWSC Freeskiing: Happy New Year!

Hello Freeskiers,

Happy New Year! We had a very fun and productive week last week with athletes building their skill-sets. Thanks to Stratton Parks, we were able to train on the new park in Old Smoothie, which features two medium size jumps and a few intermediate to advanced boxes and rails. We were lucky enough to have SMS Freeskiing Alumni Henrik de Jounge and Former SWSC Freeskiing/Current U.S. Freeskiing athlete Mac Forehand join us to guest coach. You can cheer on Mac as he competes at the X-games on January 24th live on ESPN.  

This weekend we will continue to train in both Tyro and Old Smoothie. We will also continue to work on stance, posture, turns and line on the flats because our next competition is skiercross on 1/12 and 1/13 at Stratton. It would be a good idea to get your skis tuned before the competition! You can find the entire schedule and registration here: https://usasa.org/regions/new-england/southern-vermont. I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

Be sure to check out our Instagram edits @SWSCfreeskiing



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Stratton NYE & Stevek Mogul Challenge

Good Morning!

As we close out this year I wanted to reach out about two things, the athlete showcase during the Stratton NYE Fireworks that highlights our program and the Stevek Mogul Challenge.

Athlete Showcase - 21 Jump Salute

This is a tradition that started 15 years ago to honor Steven G Kenney otherwise known as "Stevek". He was a pioneer of our strong seasonal programs at Stratton and was the leader of the Allegro/Freestyle program at Stratton for over 30 years. We build a jump at the base of Suntanner and have athletes jump and showcase their talent during the torchlight and fireworks. We are asking the Freeski Comp Team, B Team & A Team to take part because it's advanced nature. Training at 7:00pm for one hour, please stage at ski school and DO NOT approach the jump without coaches supervision. The show will start at 8:30 with torchlight, jumping then fireworks.

Stevek Mogul Challenge

As a member of the B Team & Allegro program, we invite everyone to take part in the Stevek Mogul Challenge. This is an event not to miss. This is a competition and while Allegro is not a competitive program, we highly encourage all Allegro athletes to try this great event! This event is a US Ski & Snowboard sanctioned event, hosted by Stratton Winter Sports Club.
To get signed up...
Step 1: (Deadline December 31st prior to 6:00pm) Athletes must have a short term US Ski & Snowboard membership or a competitor license that corresponds to the athlete's age. (Please note General Memberships are NOT valid for this event) Membership fees and more info can be found hereTo get a US Ski & Snowboard Membership please click here.
Step 2: (December 31st at 6:00pm) Register for the Stevek Mogul Challenge on Monday December 31 at 6:00pm. To register, have the USSS membership number handy and please click here: http://www.easternfreestyle.org/schedule?FILTER=EQSC&SEASON=2019 (You are looking to click on the green blinking light next to the Stevek Mogul Challenge event. You have the option of doing one or two events. Friday is both girls AND Boys, Saturday is Girls ONLY and Sunday is Boys ONLY. Be sure you understand this when registering, it will help everyone. If you are interested in only doing one day, we encourage you to sign up for Saturday (Girls) or Sunday (Boys). Cost is $65 per day.
Step 3: Attend the event Please  click here for the official schedule. You must be very punctual on event mornings and encourage athletes to show up early so they feel relaxed and comfortable. This event is very big deal to the Athletes and we make every effort to make sure this event is a fun, memorable event that participants will talk about for decades.
Here is a summarized schedule:
January 10th Extra practice
January 11th Boys & Girls Competition
January 12th Girls ONLY Competition
January 13th: Boys ONLY Competition
Thanks for a great week, despite the challenging weather conditions!
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SWSC Freeskiing: Here Comes The Holidays!

Hello Freeskiers! 

We had our first rail jam of the season on Sunday, and with only 5 days of training prior, you all did a great job. I know the features were more difficult than what we have been training on, but you guys adapted and pushed your comfort zones. If you’d like to see some clips from this past weekend, check out our Instagram page SWSCfreeskiing. https://www.instagram.com/swscfreeskiing/

We all know how important the physical aspect of skiing is – but we can’t forget that the mind and body are connected. One of the largest contributors to success in competitive skiing is mental strength. It is most evident in situations that call for focus under pressure and perseverance through non-ideal circumstances. You have to believe in yourself and have the self-confidence to focus in yourself and not other skiers. We will work on some mental strength techniques that used to help me when I was a competitor. 

Along with the rail jam, we spent a lot of time at the jump site on Detour - the trail between the top of the Tamarack lift and Ursa. We focused on our stance and posture and will continue to do so because if our hips are behind our heels on take-off, it is nearly impossible to execute our tricks properly and progress to more difficult off-axis tricks. I spoke with a member of the park crew on Sunday and we might have a fun new park on Old Smoothie to practice on this weekend.

I hope to see everyone for the entire holiday week because we have a lot of progress to make before the next competition on January 12-13 at the Stratton Skier-X!

Next week the program is running: December 22-24 & 26-31, SWSC does not run on December 25th or January 1st.
Holiday Events - Please view our website calendar for all details.
12/22 4:00-5:00pm: SWSC Performance EDU Series: The Parent Pathway to Athlete Success (Part 1 of 3)
12/27 3:30-5:30pm & 5:30-7:30pm: Trampoline at the Air Awareness Center (RSVP Here) 50 Athletes Max
12/28 5:30-7:30pm: SWSC Skating Party at Riley Rink - Manchester
12/29 4:00-5:00pm: SWSC Performance EDU Series: The Parent Guide to Nutrition & Performance
 (Part 2 of 3)
12/29 6:00-7:30pm: SWSC Freestyle & Freeskiing Mother-Daughter Wine, Chocolate, Yoga (RSVP Here)
12/31 7:30-9:30pm: Stevek's 21 Jump Salute & Fireworks (A, B Team & Freeskiing Comp encouraged to take part)
1/2-4: SWSC Mini Camp (RSVP Here - additional fee)
Safety Notes: Please try to avoid skiing in a pack and be sure to watch your speed on green and blue terrain. Go with the flow, not faster.

Thank you all for a great weekend and continue to: #beSWSCawesome 



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